The OMRA championships are the most testing form of RC powerboat racing around. But it’s far more than that – OMRA Racing is affordable and exciting for racers and fans alike. This form of offshore racing has a wide-ranging appeal, unparalleled history and guaranteed excitement.

Racing on rough water is completely different to racing on smooth water or tarmac (for the road racers!). The course is constantly changing, and the need to be “in touch” with the race boat from a distance makes for spectacularly close and unpredictable racing – the essence of the OMRA Championships and the backbone of all great motorsport.

A total of 8 different classes are raced in OMRA with a variety of different formats ranging from Sprints, Grands Prix (Enduro) through to Chase Boat time trials with the latter offering the greatest challenge to driver and boat.

Courses are run predominantly on the sea for larger AA-E Class boats, however one or two rounds are held on inland waters such as Bristol Docks and the Z Class races are all held on inland lakes.

For Sprint and GP races, the courses are positioned close to shore, providing unparalleled spectator opportunities and increased benefit for the racing teams, drivers, host venues and sponsors.

There really is nothing quite like it!





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