New Members

If you would like to apply join as an OMRA member, you need to open a Memberplanet account, which is free. You can then choose the level of OMRA membership you need and then can apply securely through Paypal which OMRA uses as a secure payment operator. Even if you do not have a Paypal account, you can still apply for OMRA membership online. When you are taken to the secure Paypal login page, simply enter your Paypal login details or if you do not have a Paypal account, you can select the Paypal Guest option to use your credit/debit card securely.

NB – PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS INSTRUCTION. When populating your personal data fields in the various Memberplanet online forms, please omit the first “0” of your phone number and do not use any spaces as the format recognises a US-style phone number which has less digits than the UK format.  Also ignore the membership number element as it will be greyed out until your OMRA membership is confirmed. 

Various Membership options are available through the OMRA Memberplanet process.

Adult Member (18+) £35.00 for the first year. Renewal thereafter is £25.00
Senior Membership (65+) £15.00 per year. Renewal thereafter is £15.00
Junior Membership (under 18) £15.00 per year. Renewal thereafter is £15.00
Family Membership (One Adult, One Child) £40.00 per year.  Renewalthereafter is £30.00

HM Forces qualify for free membership by prior arrangement. Please Contact Us for details.

Basic Terms of Membership.

1. All current members are entitled to have a vote in the affairs of the Association at the Annual General Meeting.
2. The Association on the recommendation of the committee may, in the general meeting, elect honorary members.
3. On applying to join and/or renew membership to the Association, all individuals undertake to comply with the rules as published. Any recognised refusal or neglect to comply with the rules, any attempt to subvert the rules, or any conduct which is deemed either unworthy or injurious to the aims, objectives, interests and/or well-being of the Association, its members and assets, will render the membership of the individual in question, liable to termination or refusal.
4. A subscription fee is payable on joining and annually thereafter. The period of membership runs from the 1st January to the 31st December or any part thereof. Membership of the association a partial year (less than 12 months) is not eligible for any kind of discount. On first joining, the full membership fee is payable. Existing members should renew after the 31st December and before the 31st January to benefit from the reduced renewal fee.  Any existing member who has not re-joined by the 31st January will have to pay their full membership fee plus the joining fee.  The membership fees shall be proposed by the committee and voted on by those members at the Annual General Meeting.
5. A junior member shall be one who is 17 or younger in the calendar year of membership. Likewise, a senior citizen shall be one who is 65 or over at the time of joining or renewal.
6. OMRA reserves the right to refuse application for membership or renewal without explanation.

Full terms of membership can be found in the OMRA rules