Lagoona Park, Pingewood Road South, Reading RG30 3UH


Wellies advised for launch and recovery.

Notice to Racers:
1. This race will be a transponder-only race using the electronic timing system as per OMRA Rules. Manual lap counting will NOT be provided. All competitors are required therefore to have a transponder installed in their boat prior to the event.
2. Transponder rental/hire/purchase/installation is not the responsibility of the OOD.  Please refer to OMRA for details of how to hire or purchase a transponder.
3. Transponders MUST be installed into boats which are intended to be raced at this event prior to the event itself. All entrants will ensure this requirement is met. Any boat which does not have a transponder installed on the day may be removed from the running order and no refund will be forthcoming as the boat will not have been compliant with the Rules.

A minimum entry of 30 boats is required for this event to go ahead. Should an insufficient number enter, the event will not go ahead and an announcement to that effect will be made on the OMRA website immediately after the closing date.

All entries are required to be made via the OMRA Memberportal by midnight 20/3/2019. No race entries will be accepted after this date.

Racing Commences no later than 1000hrs
Drivers briefing at 0930hrs – all drivers wishing to race must attend as per OMRA Rules.

  • Clubhouse
  • Toilets

Parking: Adjacent to circuit. Please keep the entrance to the pit area clear.

OOD Tony Gilder
Deputy OOD Phil Snewin