Beacon Quay, Torquay TQ1 2BG
Approach from Beacon Hill. Enter the Harbour Authority area via the rising arm barrier using the intercom to announce yourself to the Harbour Control Room.
Park at the very end of the quay.


OOD is John K-D

2 days entry fee is £25 – Saturday only £12 – Sunday only £18

Please contact John directly HERE to register or call John on 07740224281

Saturday Race

The offshore chase boat course will be a short circuit – everyone will get the opportunity to do it twice. There will be no restarts allowed on course. So basically if you stop on your first run there is another chance to post a time. Best time of both runs will count. It will be a sprint of perhaps 3-5 minutes.

Sunday Race

This will be the usual longer course with 2 restarts allowed. However there is currently no plan to race over the horizon across the bay, or out of sight around Thatcher Rock. John intends to set out a course whereby people on the harbour wall can see the racing.

  • Toilets at the main harbour building
  • Car parking
  • Hot and Cold Food available from the various eateries
  • Close to the Town Centre so loads for non-racers to do
  • Plenty of pit space

Right at the end of the quay

Good for Specatators?: