With effect from the start of the 2019 Championship Season OMRA will be using a fantastic new electronic lap-counting and timing system, bringing much improved accuracy, reliability and telemetry information to racers and fans alike.

The new system means that racers simply need to install a small electronic transponder into their radio box with an LED sender positioned on the topsides of their boat which will be used to send a signal to receivers on the bridge gantry. This data is sent back to a computer which records and calculates the number of laps, lap times, fastest lap, lead boat etc, all in live time.

Some great opportunities lie ahead with this system and racers will have access to data much faster than ever before, with details even possible to be posted in live time!

Transponders simply plug into the RC receiver/power source and are small enough to fit into pretty much all radio boxes.  They can be swapped from boat to boat, however this needs to happen both quickly and with the minimum of disruption as the more often they are moved in and out of radio boxes under duress, the more likelihood there is of accidental damage to the component. It is strongly recommended that wherever possible, each boat has its own dedicated transponder simply to prevent any delays or problems on race day such as if a radio box system should be damaged in any way following a dunking or a shunt. (if a radio box with a transponder in one boat is damaged to the point it doesn’t work, then clearly, it cannot be used in another boat owned by the same racer on the day).


The cost of transponders is roughly about the same price as a decent servo, and they are potted and have no moving parts so providing they are well cared for, there is no reason why they should not give season after season of good service. To purchase a transponder, click the link below to log into the OMRA Member Portal and be taken to the purchase page.


Transponders may be hired for a maximum of 2 events and this service is offered on a sale/return basis only. The rental fee does not include any kind of postage as the transponders will be made available at races for a period.  Racers adopting this approach should be aware that transponders must be returned in the same condition that they were supplied otherwise they shall be considered to have been bought by the hirer.  The cost of transponder rental (including the deposit) for two events is roughly the same as the purchase price so racers are encouraged to buy a transponder in the first instance.